Gluten Free Living

You can do this.....

When a family member is diagnosed with celiac 
disease, the thought of figuring out a gluten free
lifestyle can be overwhelming. 

Can we ever go out to a restaurant together
without worrying about what we are eating? What
can I cook that the whole family can eat?  How do I
make sure my child is not eating the wrong foods at
school?  What ​ingredients contain hidden gluten? 

​Having personally experienced all these dilemmas, I know exactly how you feel.  Over the past few years I have been asked on numerous occasions to help a friend of a friend, a colleague of my husbands, a child in my local school to understand and deal with their diagnosis. 

I go over all the ingredients in their pantries, show them what to avoid and what they can eat.  I show them how to make foods that they will enjoy eating. I show them where the hidden glutens are, how to read a restaurant menu and how to ask a waiter for their special needs. 

Most of all, I show them that they are not alone and that gluten-free living does not have to be the end of life as you know it!!! As a result I have decided to provide these services to others in the area with Celiac Disease. I hope you will find my lessons informative, and that they will make you feel, that you can do this !!

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